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My interest is in black and white photography.

It is the magic of how light falls on a subject, the freezing of a moment in time, the drama and human warmth of an image and its emotional impact along with the ability to manipulate the many variables available in the darkroom that make photography so enthralling.

Digital photography is something I am now using for fun, personal documentation, and sometimes for artistic images.  It holds great promise though I still revere the special beauty of the black/white film image on gelatin silver paper.

I have also been working with platinum/palladium, albumen and salt printing for their unique effects on archival rice papers, as well as with collage, mordençage, cyanotype, solarization, infrared, photograms, and hand-painting of photos. In my book Thinking Photography, these processes are shown and explained. Photography holds a world of fun and surprise.

The photographs on this site represent some of these alternative processes, as well as many other gelatin silver prints from rural Spain, Appalachia, Israel, China, libraries and their inhabitants, musicians teaching their students, portraits, and cats. (See gallery.)


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